Ethic Rules

Ziraat Filo Yönetimi ve Mobilite Çözümler A.Ş, is committed to carry out all of its relations and activities in compliance with "Code of Conduct" For this purpose, our vision is to be a rental car company which facilitate the highest level of customer satisfaction, is the most reliable, creating value in the sector, while promoting the brand recognition.

Company adopted the following "Code of Conduct" for application in all of its business processes, relations and any kind of work and activities. "Code of Conduct" is a set of rules which are expected to be adopted and applied by personnel and managers of Ziraat Filo Yönetimi ve Mobilite Çözümler A.Ş, complementing the company policies and other applications, governing the discipline procedures.


- As Ziraat Filo Yönetimi ve Mobilite Çözümler A.Ş,. we always act with fairness, integrity and transparency in all our business activities.

- No intentional damage shall be inflicted on others via our products and services,

- Earning the trust of customers is one of our priority values,

- No activity is acceptable which create the impression of misconduct and gift,

- We respect rights of our business partners,

- We act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in our relations with stakeholders,

- We provide accurate information relating to financial statements and company policies on a timely basis,

- We act with care and caution in our relations with competitors and institutions,

- No activity is acceptable which may be illegal or of criminal nature.

- Ziraat Filo Araç Kiralama carries out all activities in compliance with laws,

- We take all necessary actions to ensure timely and complete fulfillment of legal obligations,

- We do not make donations to political parties or candidates, etc.,

- Private information obtained during business processes may not be disclosed to third parties, unless it is absolutely necessary.

- Any customer complaint are forwarded to Customer Complaints Unit for swift resolution.

- Ziraat Filo Araç Kiralama commits itself to the promises given to and agreements made with customers regarding the services and products.

- We support dissemination of the environment-friendly activities,


- To act in accordance with laws, legislation and company policies,

- To implement egalitarian applications in our business processes,

- To provide equal opportunities to all personnel or candidates,

- To recruit qualified young and experienced professionals,

- To implement a fair pay policy,

- To provide an effective performance assessment system,

- To act fairly in recruitment, promotion, etc. processes,

- To respect rights of personnel,

- To combat with any forms of discrimination, forced labor and harassment,

- To implement applications to boost personnel loyalty,

- To provide a safe work environment,

- To combat child labor effectively,

- To protect personal data of personnel against disclosure to 3rd parties, other than legal requirements,

- Not to derive an improper personal benefits, and avoid any conducts that may lead to unjust benefits,,

- To exercise care in protection of all assets of the company as if they are his/her own property,

- To act in accordance with Code of Conduct in our business processes,

- To avoid any conducts that will disrupt work environment and order,

- Not to involve in statements and correspondences on behalf of company unless they are required by his/her job position,

- To avoid any conducts that may create conflict of interest.

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