Human Resources

We created our human resources policy based on the philosophy "Human Resources is our most important capital".

In this context, our basic human resources policy is to reinforce our corporate entrepreneurship spirit through employees who uphold our culture and business ethics, are open to development, and have high motivation and corporate loyalty, under the leadership of dedicated and dynamic managerial staff.

In parallel with customer satisfaction and our corporate values, to recruit right individuals to the right positions, to identify high performing personnel in line with the skills and interests, to evaluate and steer careers via a performance system, and have a long-term relationship with our personnel based on trust and teamwork.

Our corporate identity and experiences boost value of our corporation, which in turn makes us a growing attraction center for more skilled managers and personnel.

Our goal is to create a positive corporate culture via continuous development and innovations guided by an approach valuing human. Company regards qualified human resources an integral part of it in the road to growth.

And if you want to be a part of this organization, you can send your CV to Your CV will be added to our human resources databank to be evaluated for vacancies in Ziraat Filo Yönetimi ve Mobilite Çözümler A.Ş

Thank you for your interest in our company.